Jesse Velazquez is a senior student pursuing an undergraduate degree in Sustainability and the Environment at Florida International University, and currently holds an undergraduate degree in Communications from Valencia College.  He is also pursuing the following professional certifications: Life Cycle Assessment Certified Professional (LCACP), Certified Climate Change Professional (CC-P), and a Sustainability Professional Certification from the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP).

Before joining G&A, Jesse worked for over 10 years in executive management in the retail sector where he worked to improve value to stakeholders, clients, employees, investors, and the community.  Now, Jesse is very interested in how value to the environment needs to be included as integral framework to a company’s business model. 

Jesse is involved with the City of Cincinnati’s Office of Environment & Sustainability, Cincinnati’s Citizen Climate Lobby, and local Sierra Club Branch.  His many interests in sustainability include but are not limited to environmental justice, zero waste, water, and energy, circular economy, B corporations, sustainable polymers and bioplastics, regenerative agriculture, and electric infrastructure.


Jesse Velazquez 
Honor Roll 2020