Jamie Reinhardt

Jamie Reinhardt is currently a full time MBA candidate in her first year at Baruch College, Zicklin School of Business. She has a double concentration in Sustainability and International Business and plans to put the skills gained in her program to good use while interning at the Governance and Accountability Institute.

Currently at G & A, Jamie is working as a GRI report analyst and exploring different trends in GRI reports from S & P 500 companies. At Baruch, Jamie is also the president of the Sustainable Business Club, which is Baruch’s Net Impact chapter. 

 As a native Californian, Jamie completed her undergraduate education at University of California, Santa Barbara with a B.A. in Global and International Studies. After finishing her undergraduate degree, she taught English in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

Jamie worked in international operations and logistics for a shipping company once she returned to the U.S. She hopes to combine her past and present experiences to make a real difference in the future with regards to sustainability in the corporate environment.

Jamie Reinhardt

Jamie Reinhardt 
Honor Roll 2013

email:  jamielreinhardt@gmail.com