2011 Corporate ESG / Sustainability Reporting - Does it Matter?

Analysis of Fortune 500® Companies’ ESG Reporting Trends and Capital Markets Response

Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility Performance and Reporting…does it matter to asset owners and money managers? To ESG researchers and analysts…reputation raters & rankers…”best of” list compilers? Who cares about corporate ESG performance reporting?

G&A Institute researchers took a look at corporate S&R reporting and the potential impact (if any) on the capital market players. Such as the S&R reporting corporation being considered for inclusion in leading sustainable equity indexes, on independent S&R ratings and rankings compilers, and on being included in S&R and “green best of” lists.

The questions asked and answered were: Does reporting according to the GRI framework matter to capital market players? Do these players assign a premium to corporate issuers that do report? Does GRI reporting influence the creators of leading sustainability/ESG equity indexes? Does it matter to third parties that rank and rate corporate ESG performance? Does it make it more likely that reporting companies will be included in sustainability and responsibility lists?

The analysis is available in PDF form – click here to access.

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