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Thank you for your interest in the full 84 indicator rankings by sector.

The sector reports listed below contain the full 84 performance indicator rankings for any sector of your choice. This is an additional 64 indicators beyond what you can find in our complimentary report (which contains the top 10 / bottom 10).  

You can click add to cart for each sector that you would like to purchase.  Once you have the items that you would like you can check out and pay by paypal or credit card.  

Volume discounts are available and will be applied automatically as follows:

  • 1-5  ($100 per sector)
  • 6-10 ($95 per sector)
  • 11-15 ($90 per sector)
  • 16-20 ($80 per sector)
  • 21-25 ($70 per sector)
  • 26-30 ($60 per sector)
  • 31-35 ($50 per sector)

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you are interested in customized research, or conducting a materiality assessment for your company please contact us at 

We can customize various options to create more useful rankings for you such as country (s), specific competitors (rather than these sectors below), application levels, and much more.  We can also reverse the results to identify instead which sectors report most often on a particular indicator.  More detail on various customization options can be found in the back of the complimentary "Sustainability - What Matters" report.

Using the base of our research body, we can build a highly customized solution that fits your particular needs, and leveraging the existing research enables us to provide additional value and efficiency.

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